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TOEIC Academy

Mời các bạn làm bài luyện tập trong phần 6 của bài luyện thi TOEIC. Các bạn có thể vận dụng những kĩ năng mình đã học được để làm bài đọc hiểu này thật tốt nhé!


Chúc các bạn làm bài tốt!

Mọi người làm bài theo thứ tự dưới đây, bài trước cần đạt tối thiểu 70 điểm để có thể làm được bài sau. Chúc mọi người luyện tập tốt, thi đạt điểm cao!

Tổng hợp bài luyện tập PRE-TOEIC

James & Hong Corporation is looking for business school students to be a part of our summer internship program. The interview will be on April 15th at 11AM, with no previous 1…………. required for this internship program.

2…………. no specific qualifications are required, we expect students to be passionate and persistent.

The necessary documents 3……………. to your home/dorm address. Once you fill out the documents and submit an essay, we will announce the names of those who passed the first round of qualification. Those who pass the first round will be interviewed soon later. The final five candidates will serve as part of the three-month internship program at James & Hong Corporation.

Best wishes to all of you.

David Zhao

VP of  James & Hong Corporation

Seorim Academic Institute will 4……………. be able to offer three more language courses besides English.

The English course offered at Seorim Academic Institute has the best reputation nationwide, 5……………… helped turn Seorim into the biggest language education institute in the country.

The three languages will be Spanish, French, and German. Every 6…………. will be taught by native speakers who possess a teaching certificate from their home country.

Cape Town, South Africa will be holding its annual diving contest on the 23rd of October. The contest 7………….. three different groups and a tournament of six final performers.

The contest will have an opening 8…………. by the previous year’s winner, Michael Chase. In order to keep the contest going as smoothly as possible, there won’t be any other events at the opening ceremony.

The contest is expected to be very intense since 9………….. one of the performers is a highly qualified diver.



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