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Part 6, Level 350- 500: Luyện tập 51


TOEIC Academy

Mời các bạn làm bài tập ôn luyện về sự hòa hợp thời thì, cách sử dụng từ loại và từ vựng. Bài tập này giúp các bạn ôn lại phần ngữ pháp thường được kiểm tra trong TOEIC part 6 trình độ 350-500. Bài có tất cả 4 văn bản với 12 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm. Sau khi làm xong bài các bạn hãy ấn submit để xem kết quả bài làm của mình và giải thích của từng câu hỏi. Bạn hãy thử làm để củng cố và nâng cao kiến thức nhé.

Chúc bạn có thời gian hữu ích trên website.

Để khuyến khích tiếp tục nghiên cứu và phát triển các bài ôn luyện TOEIC, các bạn hãy nhấn Like và Share ủng hộ nhé.


Questions 1-3 refer to the following information.

Movie Theater Program

Crown Movie Theater – Program for the week 24-31 July

Oldies Week

Come on down to the Crown Movie Theater this week! The Crown Movie Theater (1)____ the following old favorites.

The management has made every effort to ensure that there are films which will appeal to a wide audience. So come and see some of the best movies of the 1960’s.

Theater 1         Sunshine in Paradise    romantic comedy

Theater 2         Dilly Does It Again       children’s movie

Theater 3         Murder on the Rhine    drama (for over 14s)

Performances are every (2)____ at 11 A.M., 2:30 P.M., 6 P.M., and 9 P.M. with a special late night screening at midnight on Friday.

Tickets may be (3)____ online at the Crown Movie Theater’s Website at, or by telephone between the hours of 9 A M. and 2 P.M. at 1-800-286-1324.

4. Questions 4-6 refer to the following letter.

To: Mr. Jeffrey Stevens
From: Deborah Morgan, Golden Tours
Date: May 23
Re: Your Travel Arrangements


Dear Mr Stevens,

Thank you for making your travel arrangements with Golden Tours. This is to confirm that Golden Tours has made the following travel arrangements for your trip (4)_____ Draco Island.

Your flight (5)____ at 3:30 P.M., and you should be at the airport at least one hour ahead of time. Your expected arrival time is July 7 at 5:30 P.M. Our (6)_____will meet you at the airport and take you in a private car to your hotel.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We wish you a pleasant trip.

Deborah Morgan


7. Questions 7-9 refer to the following letter.
To: Vera Springfield
From: Charles Webster
Date: June 9
Re: Your applicationDear Ms. Springfield,

Thank you for your application for the position of project manager for our company. We are impressed by your past work experience and other qualifications. We would therefore like to (7)_____ you to come to our offices for an interview. You will be meeting with our research and development team as well as representatives of our human resources department.

We will be meeting with (8)_____ candidates on Monday, June 25.

Please be at our offices by 4 p.m. Please confirm that you (9)____ the interview by replying to this e-mail.

Best regards,

Charles Webster
Human Resources
10. Questions 10-12 refer to the following notice.

Notice to Customers

Between the dates of June 12 and June 30, Danley Industries (10)____ their manufacturing plant in the industrial zone. This may cause some disruptions in our normal services to the public.

We already know that on several days the electricity supply needs to be turned off for a number of hours.

This disruption will be minimal and (11)_____ customer service will be available throughout. Should there be any change in these arrangements, customers will be notified immediately.

The management and staff of Danley Industries apologize for any (12)_____ caused to customers.




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