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Part 6, Level 700-900: Luyện tập số 41

TOEIC Academy

Mời các bạn làm bài tập ôn luyện tổng hợp. Bài tập này giúp các bạn ôn lại phần ngữ pháp và từ vựng thường được kiểm tra trong phần VI của bài luyện thi TOEIC trình độ 700-900. Bài có tất cả 4 văn bản với 12 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm. Sau khi làm xong bài, các bạn hãy ấn submit để xem kết quả bài làm của mình và giải thích của từng câu hỏi. Bạn hãy thử làm để củng cố và nâng cao kiến thức nhé!

Chúc bạn có thời gian hữu ích trên website!

  Download ebook Ngữ pháp TOEIC MIỄN PHÍ

   - Tổng hợp 26 chủ điểm Ngữ pháp TOEIC thường gặp trong bài thi 

   - Hàng ngàn câu hỏi được giải thích chi tiết, dễ hiểu, lý do tại sao đáp án này đúng, đáp án kia sai


Để khuyến khích tiếp tục nghiên cứu và phát triển các bài ôn luyện TOEIC, các bạn hãy nhấn Like và Share ủng hộ nhé!


Question 13 refer to the following email.  

From : Wayne Thomas (]

To :

Cc : Karen Russell []

Sent : Tue, March 07, 2007 14:11 PM


I believe you should by now have received the copy of our company profile that we (1) ……………. in our last meeting. In it you will find the necessary information you requested. If you still haven’t received it, please feel free to contact me. Anyway, to keep the ball rolling, our Chairman, Mr. Langley would like to have a meeting with Ms. Russell and/or you in Detroit on any date from March 20th to March 24th to have a further discussion on the (2) ……………. of our cooperation.

Those dates have been chosen since Mr. Langley will be traveling extensively in (3) ……………. March and April. However, if our suggested dates do not suit Ms. Russell, then please let us know your preferred date for the meeting.

Best regards,


Question 4-6 refer to the following advertisement.



London’s premier classical music magazine, 3D Symphony, is seeking a designer to join our team. The ideal candidate is someone (4) …………….. qualifications must include a working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite 2 (Indesign, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop and Illustrator) on a MAC OS X platform.

An understanding of magazine layout, press ad design, and pre-press will be highly (5)………………

The position is part-time from Wednesday to Friday, and the person must be able to work to the pressure of strict deadlines. The candidate must also be reliable and possess a keen eye for detail. If selected, you’ll have the advantage of working within a young and dynamic team (6) ……………..

Expressions of interest can be emailed to

Question 79 refer to the following news.

Pet Dislikes of Urban Life.

According to a survey conducted by the city of Boston, traffic, pollution and noise were found to be the least (7) …………… aspects of living in the city.

The (8) ……………, administered as part of the city’s local action plan, asked the citizens of Boston about their likes and dislikes of their surroundings.

The results of the survey communicated proximity (27.02 percent) and community character/ village feel (11.54 percent) to be at the top of the list of things most liked about city life. The respondents felt the protection or enhancement of heritage (16.1 percent) and open space (15.59 percent) were the two things they most desired the city to have.

On the other hand, traffic (10.22 percent), general noise (9.98 percent), and parking (7.52 percent) within the main core of the city were the (9) …………… attractive parts of living in the city.

Question 1012 refer to the following notice.

Editor’s Welcome

Welcome to Street Life’s live and intimate celebration of the 200th edition of (10) …………… .

In the next few pages, we have a special feature to let you meet the luminaries who have made great contributions to our magazine. These special people will also entertain you this Friday, October 27, at the Street Life 200th Edition Gala Celebration at Queen’s Quay, Toronto. If you can’t physically be there tonight, settle back, and enjoy our magazine, and try to (11) …………… some of these talented artists the next time they are in your area.

So as the curtains go up on the night of nights – Street Life’s celebration of 200 fabulous editions please raise your glass to Toronto’s most popular magazine.

Here’s to (12) ……………200 editions!

Carl Stevens



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