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Part 7: Level 500-700 Test 5

TOEIC Academy

Mời các bạn làm bài tập ôn luyện tổng hợp. Bài tập này giúp các bạn ôn lại phần ngữ pháp và từ vựng thường được kiểm tra trong phần thi TOEIC part 7 trình độ 500-700. Bài có tất cả 7 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm. Sau khi làm xong bài, các bạn hãy ấn submit để xem kết quả bài làm của mình và giải thích của từng câu hỏi. Bạn hãy thử làm để củng cố và nâng cao kiến thức nhé!

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Question 1-2 refers to following notification

We are pleased to announce that Teresa Park has joined the Severin Law Firm as an associate attorney. Ms. Park graduated with high honors from Naridell University Law School, where she specialized in copyright and trademark law. While attending school, she worked as a clerk in the legal aid office at the university. This past summer, she completed an internship at Delmar and Associates, a legal firm whose client base includes writers, musicians, and other professionals in the publishing industry. Ms. Park has an exceptional record of service and will be a valuable asset to our team. Please join us this Thursday at 3:00 P.M. in the main conference room to welcome her to our office.

1. Where is the notice most likely posted?

2. What are employees invited to do on Thursday?

Questions 3-7 refer to the following e-mail and memo

To: Maximilian Johansson

From: Assawa Hussein

Subject: Discrimination

Date: January 22

Dear Mr.Johansson:

After serious thought, I have decided to resign from Marko Enterprises. Over the past year, I have overheard several co-workers making discriminatory remarks about my clothing, religion, and race. My traditional headdress is not only a symbol of my religion but also my way of life. Other colleagues freely proclaim and display their religious beliefs in the office. Therefore, I believe it is only fair that all employees be given equal freedom of expression.

I have devoted three years to this company and love my work. It is only my working environment that I dislike. Not all of my co-workers have treated me poorly. However, the number of those who have is enough that I feel uncomfortable at work. Additionally, I feel anxious and have noticed a decrease in my productivity at work, both of which are direct results of the treatment I have received. Please inform me if you would like to discuss this matter more in person. If not, please consider this my letter of resignation.


To: All Marko Enterprise Staff

From: Maximilian Johanson

Subject: Worker Morale

Date: January 29

Complaints have been made of discriminatory remarks in our office. This is completely unacceptable behavior at Marko Enterprises. We are legally and morally bound to take action against any form of discrimination, whether against sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Each of our team members has signed a contract against such actions. Therefore, any member caught doing so will be fired on the spot, in accordance with our no-tolerance policy. In order to improve our working environment, a one-hour lecture by the State AntiDiscrimination Board will be held every Monday for four weeks beginning on March 3 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. all staff, including myself, is required to attend.

At Marko Enterprises, we strive for excellence in business and relations. The way we treat one another in the workplace is directly connected to how we treat clients and how we represent the company. Marko Enterprises intends to take the lead in making sure all of our hard-working staff feel secure. Please join us in making Marko Enterprises a leader in human rights.

3. What is the main purpose of the e-mail?

4. What has happened to the writer of the e-mail?
5. Which is a result of the writer’s treatment?
6. What can be inferred about Mr. johanson?
7. Which is NOT true about the lectures mentioned in the memo?


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